"The exceptional service that Kaori Masutani provided was to accompany me, the buyer from Hawaii, and the seller in Japan, to the American Embassy in Tokyo to execute the necessary legal papers required for the transactions. This was voluntary on her part. She had a genuine concern about the transaction. Kaori with her knowledge of, not only the Japanese language, but also the culture, and business nuances put a "face" on the real estate documents. The seller as well as the buyer was completely satisfied with her facility and adeptness in handling the transaction in a professional, gracious, and culturally sensitive manner. It was a successful transaction that left all parties feeling safe and secure that every detail had been covered thoroughly.....An example of Kaori Masutani's commitment to fair dealings and high ethical standards is her honest appraisal for the situation. In this case, because of transactions that involved a foreign national, she took the initiative to consult a qualified accountant, along with a lawyer; both knowledgeable of Japanese laws, to assist the buyer and seller make learned decisions to select the best solution in the transaction. Kaori tapped these resources because of her professionalism, experience, knowledge, and expertise as a realtor." S.I.

"Ms. Masutani is most professional, does not promise more than she can deliver; yet she delivers over and beyond expectations by her professional demeanor, attention to details, knowledge of the marketplace & timely service. We appreciated her assistance very much!" I.O. Attorney at Law

"Kaori's service went over and beyond what is expected of a real estate agent. She is so kind and very thoughtful. I wish her the very best." A.S.