Twenty seven years passed since I moved to Hawaii.  It was at the top of economic bubble and Japanese investors fueled by Japanese banks were rushing in.  There were many more CHUZAI-IN (manageriol employees brought from Japan) in those days.  Since then, the bubble burst and Hawaii real esatate market remained stagnant for several years.  I obtained my real esatate license when my son started going to an elementary school.  I wanted to study more about real estate regretting purchasing a leasehold property without much knowledge.  Interest rates in those days were fractuating around 9 percent (around 4.5 percent these days) and many properties stayed on the market for long time. There were many short sales where sales price fell short of loan balance and sellers had to come up with their closing costs out of their pocket.  Hawaii saw another real estate cycle since then and I got my broker's license along the way and started my own brokerage firm in Waikiki with 5 agents.  One day, we were caught in a ladar by this copamy where I used to belong 15 years ago and they were looking for candidates for merging to expand.

iNet Realty is one of the few brokerage firms offering real esate licencing courses.  There is a branch in California and also the company owns a portion of a financing company there.  There are 80 active agents including 7 brokers.

As well as continueing my real estate services as before, I will be happy if I can help new agents to grow here at iNet Realty. Thank you for your continued patronage and support.

Kaori Masutani(R)

Kaori lived in Honolulu since 1989.  Working at an  international law firm in Tokyo after college, She was trained as a para-legal translator.  After marriage, she moved to Honolulu and got into real estate in 1997. After training at one of the leading firm in real estate for 10 years, she established Honolulu International Realty LLC in 2012. Merged with iNet Realty in 2016

Lic. # RB-20990








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